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Didn’t attend SQL PASS? Twitter was the next best thing.

I didn’t attend the 2009 SQL PASS Summit in Seattle  but I am following a bunch of people on Twitter who did.There tweeting and twitpics were the next best thing.  The Twitter feed was like a stock ticker that kept me current on what was happening at SQL PASS.What did I learn via Twitter regarding SQL PASS?I should get the conference DVDs.The webcast "Simplify SQL Server Management with DMVs - the Experts' Perspective"  was hilarious.  I attended.  Buck Woody’s reign of humor continued throughout the week.Louis Davidson (@drsql) loves sys.dm_io_virtual_stats.I learned a simple query to find all the DMVs on a server from Buck Woody.I can hover over the columns in Activity Monitor and see what DMV they are from.Tom LaRock said "You don’t just get me, you get my network."  A great way to justify SQL PASS attendance to a manager.The Quest Twitter T-shirts were great.  Never ever walk out of a Buck Woody presentation.Never bring a MacBook into a room with Buck Woody…