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February Orlando PASS Meeting

Jack Corbett (@unclebiguns) and Andy Warren(@sqlAndy) invited me to speak at this month’s Orlando PASS meeting. First, I want to thank them for the opportunity. I enjoyed it.

For the benefit of those who couldn’t make the trip to Tampa last month for SQL Saturday #32, I did my talk on “Database Hardening via PowerShell”.

I worked a half day and then headed to Orlando around 12:30 PM.  The plan was to speak and to visit my daughters at the University of Central Florida.
I visited with the youngest daughter prior to the meeting.  When I asked if she was available, she asked “Does this mean I get a free lunch?”.  Yes, we had a late lunch
After lunch, I headed over to  the meeting location around 4 PM hoping to beat the rush hour traffic. Boy, was I wrong.  The constant rain that day slowed I-4 Eastbound traffic to a crawl.  Plus, I was wondering who let all these people off work early???

I arrived at the meeting location at 5 PM, a full hour before the meeting started.
I’m glad because…