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SQL Saturday #85

I'll be speaking at SQL Saturday #85 this weekend in Orlando.
Here's another example we'll review during my session "PowerShell by Example".
This example uses the SQLPSX 1.6 function get-sqlserver to return server properties.

This example was inspired by @PaulRandal's Ponderings on the instance-wide fillfactor setting in his SQLskills Insider Tips newsletter of 9/3/2011.  
To become a SQLskills insider, go here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at SQL Saturday #85!

1: # In response to Paul Randal's Ponderings of Sep 3, 2011 regarding fill factor set at the instance level... 2: # His Call To Action is to verify it is set to 100. This script provides the basic means to check it on multiple instances. 3: # The results are sent to a csv file 4: 5: $FilePath = "C:\Output" 6: $OutFile = Join-Path -path $FilePath -childPath ("ServerWide_FillFactor" + (get-date).toString('yyyyMMdd_hhmmtt') + ".csv") 7: …

Execute Guardium SQL Server Permissions Script on Multiple Servers

# SQLSaturday#85 in Orlando is September 24, 2011# I'll be presenting "PowerShell by Example"# Here's a typical example we will review.## Want more? Come to my session at 11 AM.## Need more info on SQL Saturday Orlando, go here.## Set permissions on multiple servers for GUARDIUM Vulnerability Assessment # Pre-requisites:# PowerShell V1# SQLPSX 1.6.1# add-pssnapin sqlserverprovidersnapin100# add-pssnapin sqlservercmdletsnapin100 1: $serverName = "SQL999" 2: $databaseName = "InventoryDB" 3: 4: $FilePath = "C:\GUARDIUM\DataSources\Output" 5: $OutFile = Join-Path -path $FilePath -childPath ("MSSQL_GDM_Output" + (get-date).toString('yyyyMMdd_hhmmtt') + ".txt") 6: 7: # here string contains SQL query 8: $qry = @" 9: SELECT DISTINCT 10: ISNULL(A.MACH_LPAR_NM, '') + CASE a.INST_NM 11: WHEN 'DEFAULT' THEN '' 12:…