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How do I handle stress at the office? It beats loading bombs.

When you've done this for a living.

This isn't usually that hard.

I recall a discussion on Twitter about how IT pros handle stress.

My own personal experience was...

WORKING CONDITIONS: Works indoors and outdoors, in inclement weather, and on icy, wet, or slippery ramps and aircraft surfaces in temperature and humidity extremes. Subject to dangers from exposure to toxic fumes, high-pressure air and fluids, fast actuating aircraft surfaces such as landing gear, speed brakes, and flaps.  Dangers also include engine noise, jet blast, jet intakes, explosive munitions, electrical voltage cartridge actuated devices, liquid oxygen, fire, aircraft fuels, lubricants, paints, hydrazine, and solvents.

When a production outage occurs, wouldn't you rather have someone who has safely handled bombs? Anything at the office is a cake walk after loading bombs or having RPGs shot at you.  Hire a vet.

I salute our nation's veterans on Veteran's Day.  

It's not all bad, the above "wo…