Thursday, March 31, 2016

February was busy but good...

February was very busy because I had to prepare for my 18th SQL Saturday, prepare abstracts for the 2016 PASS Summit Call for Speakers and keep up with big things happening at work. <Cue sad violin music...>

I submitted two sessions for SQL Saturday Tampa and ended up giving both of them. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

My morning session on Monitoring and Alerting for an Azure PaaS Application earned me Speaker of the Month from The Scary DBA and PASS EVP Grant Fritchey. I truly appreciate his recognition and feedback. I WILL incorporate it in future sessions.

In the afternoon, I did a session on how to lock down SQL Server so that DBAs don't have unfettered access to business data. This makes your Compliance staff smile, trust me. 

After SQL Saturday was the final push to get my abstracts done for the 2016 PASS Summit Call for Speakers. They were due the Wednesday after the Tampa SQL Saturday. Do you now understand why February was busy? I submitted four abstracts for consideration for this year's PASS Summit. Two were technical and two were professional development.

Allen White always starts his talks with a little blurb about how we all know something that we can teach others to encourage new speakers.To prove that point, this guy asked me questions via Twitter about my security session. I got a huge kick out of someone with such a stellar reputation score on asking me for help.

Finally, I've joined my company's Toastmaster club in the hope that it will improve my speaking skills for future PASS events.