Monday, August 23, 2010

Buy Lunch, Get Training FREE - SQLSaturday #49

I'll be speaking at my THIRD SQLSaturday of the year in Orlando.

I'm doing a mini session and a regular session.

The mini session is a condensed version of my Why a DBA Should Learn PowerShell talk. In 15 minutes, I hope to convince you that learning PowerShell is worth your time.
Powershell is the newest scripting language from Microsoft and it goes across the Windows platform, including SQL Server. So it's new and exciting, but is it ready for prime time? Is it worth the effort to learn? How will it help you? Join PowerShell advocate and user Ron Dameron for a quick discussion of why he thinks knowing Powershell is a key skill for a SQL Server DBA.

My full session for the day is

Automate Login Administration & Compliance Reports

Are your internal auditors asking that the administration of SQL Server logins be handled by a third party other than the DBAs? Is your Compliance and Audit departments asking you to determine if password policies are being enforced, who are sysadmins on your servers, who owns databases? If so, come to this session to learn how to complete these tasks quickly and efficiently using PowerShell and SQL PowerShell Extensions (SQLPSX).

I've said it before and I will say it again. 

SQLSaturday is the best training value for the money.

Buy a lunch, Get a FULL day of SQL training for FREE!

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