Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SQL Saturday #49 - Orlando

My THIRD SQL Saturday of the year is behind me.

I spoke in Tampa #32 and South Florida #40 earlier this year.

Jack Corbett(@unclebiguns), Andy Warren(@sqlandy) and their volunteers did another EXCELLENT job on this event.

What I liked: 

The coverage via the #sqlsat49 Twitter feed.

The constant updates from Jack on the event via e-mail and twitter.

The large schedules on the wall in the hallways even though I stayed in the PowerShell room most of the day.

Liam Fitzpatrick’s Bangers & Mash with Sam Adams OctoberFest beer at Friday night’s speaker party sponsored by Confio Software 

Meeting the ScriptingGuy and ScriptingWife.  Nice people.  Funny guy.

The ScriptingGuy statue that @MaxTrinidad got as a gift. He wouldn’t let me touch it.

I REALLY liked that statue Max.  (c;

Why Learn PowerShell?

The tweet from the @ScriptingGuys while I was doing my session “Why Learn PowerShell” asking if I wanted to do a guest blog post for the Scripting Guy blog.

How about “If the Original Cylons Had Learned PowerShell, Would They Have Been replaced by CGI?”.

Maybe I should have learned PowerShell?

@z_williamson’s tweeting the color commentary for the sessions he attended. Beware don’t make a mistake when he’s in the room. One of the presenters had an incident with a lack of power to his laptop and blurts out “Don’t tweet that!”.  Too late, z_williamson had pulled the twitter trigger well before. I hope he’s going to the PASS Summit to provide coverage. I’d also like to thank him for taking pictures during my sessions.

A few quibbles:

The sponsor area.  Need to find another table arrangement that reduces the bottleneck in the  hallway.

Not enough Ninja T-shirts to go around. Seriously.  LOL. No, I’m kidding.

Moving on…

Hey, Tampa. Let’s do a Kung-fu SQL Saturday in 2011. Orlando is going Ninja next year.

The 2010 PASS Summit in Seattle is next for me. @RonDBA will be there.

I can’t say enough how valuable the SQL Saturday concept is for networking and staying current on SQL Server. If you want to get ahead, you need to attend.

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