Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PASS Summit Day 2

Day 2 started off with Andy Warren's recommendation of Top Pot Doughnuts.  
I normally exercise in the morning so the walk down to Top Pot was a nice equivalent. 
Top Pot sits right in front of pylon 43 of the Space Needle monorail on 5th Street downtown.
They have the mother of all glazed donuts and excellent coffee.  Coffee so smooth I could drink it black. That's significant. I don't like black coffee. 

Day 2 was to be BI day for me at the PASS Summit but it quickly turned into the search for Ola Hallengren.  

I attended or wanted to attend the following sessions: 

Automate SQL Server Administration with PowerShell by Allen White
I've read a bunch of Allen's blog posts so I wanted to see him in person.  He did a broad overview of how to automate DBA tasks using PowerShell.  If you're a DBA wanting to learn PowerShell, Allen should be on your list of people of blog posts to read and one of your Follows on Twitter. I did see all of this presentation and introduced myself to Allen afterwards.

50 Surprising Features of SQL Server Business Intelligence by Amir Netz, Donald Farmer
I wanted to see this session after hearing Amir Netz speaking during the morning keynote but I really wanted to meet Ola Hallengren at the Summit.  So, I went searching for him. The power of Twitter helped me to get a description and picture of him.

Data Warehouse Design and Architecture Best Practices by Erik Veerman
I sat for the beginning of this presentation but then I heard Ola was in the Experts Area in the Expo hall so I bailed out.  I did find Ola in the Experts Area and we spoke for over an hour about his Maintenance Solution script.  We had a great conversation and I'm all the more convinced that we need to be using his script at my employer.

Business Intelligence End to End by Donald Farmer
This session was cancelled. I'm hoping it ends up on the DVDs somehow.

Another excellent day at the Summit.  It was great to meet Ola Hallengren in person! 

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