Thursday, June 4, 2015

Finding the next job was easier because...

I am an active participant in PASSSQL Saturday, and Twitter.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to look for a job after nine years at my previous employer.  
The management decided to relocate the IT department to North Carolina. I live in Florida. Neither myself nor my wife were interested in moving to colder climes. 

I posted my updated resume in January 2015. I really started looking seriously at the end of March.

Because of my participation in the Florida PASS user groups, SQL Saturdays, and Twitter, most of my job leads came from people I know. The one job that I did a phone interview for via a recruiter ended up being with someone who had attended the most recent Tampa SQL Saturday and one of his co-workers had attended my session. They wanted to do an in-person interview but couldn't wait until June for me to start. The conditions of my severance package dictated a June start date for the next job.

I had leads from my user group leader, a former co-worker via Twitter, and an MCM who I met via SQL Saturday. I joined Twitter because of a Tampa SQL user group presentation in 2009 given by Jorge Segarra AKA @sqlchicken. Speaking at SQL Saturdays and user groups made interviews a breeze.

I ended up taking the job with the MCM. He is now my manager.  :-D

I start my new job after two weeks vacation.

The point of this post is the transition was MUCH easier than I could have ever imagined because of the participation I've described above.

If you have to find another job, this is the way to do it. Be social. Contribute.

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